Bounce Back with Style

bounceback1-1.pngSo some time ago I wrote about Nokia having to fold up because they were not able to compete in an evolving market. They stuck to their ways of doing things and lost a huge potential in the market they had dominance over. They just couldn’t keep up with time.

But in a twist, the company decided to bounce back, adding new features to the most popular mobile phone in the year 2000. With the addition of a camera phone and even longer battery life than current smart phones, people are likely to go back and fall in love with their first love, the Nokia 3310.

Such is with life, you cannot succeed by doing the same thing. You must evolve by reinventing your abilities and qualities to become more competitive in today’s world. You may not get it right when you do, but try again but with a different approach.

As someone once said, it is only a fool who does the same thing at different times, expecting different results under same conditions, only a fool.

My name is Kotey, and even better is to be the evolution of your time.

Good day.


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