PhotoCredit: Naa Dede


Sometimes the heat gets to us. In the midst of trying, we may end up trying too hard. Our thoughts can become jammed up and we may not  be able to think straight. But all of these can become a burden if we are not in charge of the things that happen in our lives.

We must take charge of the happenings in our lives and not let them take charge of us. We must press towards the mark with utmost confidence. It is good to take a break and observe what we’re in for us to have a new perspective of tackling the problem. Not only will taking a break give you another perspective, but it also renews your strength. Take for instance the case of half-time during a football match. The players come back with renewed strength to play the rest of the game.

Brethren, whether you’re going for an interview, writing an exam, caught in the midst of trouble or even on your wedding day, my brother, relax, take control of the moment and unleash the greatness inside of you. For there are treasures in us, earthen vessels.

My name is Kotey and when the heat tends to get hot, I simply relax for I know the Lord always has the wheel.

Good morning.


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