An Afican Tale (Verse 5)

Recap of the previous Verses: King Kofi of the kingdom of Alata Samina has continued the tradition of allowing warriors to battle for the Princess’s hand in marriage. He doesn’t know his daughter has a lover, a mad lover. The Oracle, Olambila, has spoken that she should be offered as a sacrifice or the kingdom will risk the death of the king and the enslavement of the queen. We continue…

Messenger: Hear me…[laughs]….I say, hear me…Olambila is not a god…but you have an option to save yourselves. Be wise King Kofi, be wise and do the right thing. Hard things are hard….but then what else can they be?

Townspeople begin to chatter among themselves. King Kofi had been quiet all this while with his wife wailing on his shoulder.

King Kofi [gestures to body guards]: Bring me that messenger’s head on that rod of hers.

Bodyguards charge on her to hold her captive, but she vanishes into thin air making the villagers scatter in all possible directions.

King Kofi [furiously fuming]: Find me that messenger! I said find her! Today we shall see if it the gods can take away the earth from the feet of the lion that chases the innocent sheep. Find her and bring me her head on that rod of hers.

Queen Ojuola: Your Highness please let her be. The gods are not to be angered. Let alone Olambila, the Oracle..

King Kofi [cutting her off]: Today I will anger them. In fact I will find them and then catch them, and then bring them here to fight for the princess.

Queen Ojuola: Please watch how you speak Your Highness, the gods take offense with that tone.

King Kofi: Oh so now you’re the official mouthpiece for the gods eh? Or have they possessed you?

Narrator: But the foolish king had been blinded by love. Blinded so much that he had failed to see the Princess was not in their midst all this while. Now he stands, fuming and ranting like a mad duck fighting with chickens over meat. If only he knew his daughter is at the edge of the evil forest plucking wild berries with the insane Kofi Giddy as the two love birds disturbing the leaves and tickling the gods. But the worse is yet to happen.

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good day.



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