The Frog

frog.pngOnce upon a time a frog lived by a waterfall. He was the guard and guardian for the waterfall. He notifies the members of the kingdom when water will be passing through the kingdom and opens the gates of the river. His deep and groggy voice which could resonate made him not to suffer whiles doing this job of his.

One day, the kingdom got fed up and thought to themselves of what use is this old frog whose eyes were behind him? He only disturbs our ears and wakes up from sweet dreams of hunting and gathering. He must be put to pasture.

Afterwards, days became months, and months years. Water had not been sighted since the frog was put to pasture. Many of members of the kingdom prayed for answers but it was to no avail. Their cry was not enough to fill the clouds with rain.

Then they assembled the owl, to give them wisdom on the matter. The old owl said “it was the frog that brought the rains. It was his groggy voice which informed you water is here. It was the eyes at the back of his head which made him see when water will fall on your land. Now you’ve put him to pasture and no one can do for you what he does.”

Sometimes some feel others are insignificant for the role they play in their lives. One may say he/she does not need a particular person but then everyone has a role they play in our lives and in society. Not all may be relevant but all play a role. Nobody is irrelevant no matter how irritating. Let’s live, loving and respecting one another.

My name is Kotey.

Good day.



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