What Valentine Brought to Me

val.jpgAgain we are clouded in the fictitious cloud of happily ever after. Not that it doesn’t exist, arguably of cause, but then this time of the year brings up in teens the I-will-be-with-you-till-I-die moments and You’re-my-everything-kinda-man/woman-and-what-I-want-for-a-husband/wife. (Please don’t ask me if I’m speaking from experience…lol).

But the point is, we have become too alluded in this moment of love that we forget the ‘petty’ things that surround us that we ignore each day. How often do we show love to our brothers? What about the beggar on the street? What about the person who does not have enough clothes to wear that you know off? What about showing love and falling in love with your job and being productive in helping to build the nation? With all these example, don’t forget your parent/guardian!

Gradually, it seems people continue to lose love for the everyday thing we engage in, the everyday people we see. Love that does not grow or develop your being and surrounding is not worth having. Many more can be said, and perhaps you may have thought of something I wasn’t able to note down. You may kindly share with me.

But then as we continue in love today, and not just for today, remember that, the love you show is meaningless if you do not love yourself first. But then isn’t this beautiful: He first loved us, whiles we were yet sinners.

My name is Kotey.

Good day.


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