Hope from the Unexpected

thuo.jpgThis is a true story.

He was a young lad who made the streets his home and the people on it his means to an end. He never missed a day of begging – else what would he eat?

Early morning wake up is a must. He is able to meet up with people going to work in order to request little assistance from their pockets. Navigating through the traffic, he stops by another vehicle to request money. In it was a middle-aged woman, who paid attention to the boy. She satisfied the boys request but then curiosity crept in.

The young lad noticed a device in the car with tubes connected to it and asked the woman what it was for. Apparently her lungs were collapsing. She had a generator, oxygen cylinders and an oxygen concentrator in order for her to continue breathing. Not just this but she had being through 12 surgeries as a result and had her optical nerve damaged, making her blind.

Upon hearing this, the young lad broke into tears, for he realized he couldn’t help. He prayed with her and gave her all her money. An onlooker realizing what was going on, took a picture and shared it to Facebook. Using the internet to their advantage they were able to raise $29000 to assist the woman and the child.

At the end of the day, the actions of a ‘beggar’ helped a ‘giver’ to receive assistance. The young lad’s name is Thuo, and the woman, Kamande, all residents of Kenya.

My name is Kotey and sometimes, hope comes from where we least expect.

Good day.

Credit: shareably.com


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