A New Beginning

new-beginning.jpgA new plant always germinates from the seed of an old plant. It starts very fragile, at the mercy of the weather after it had been covered underground. The force with which the rains beat it does not hinder the tiny little thing from crawling out of the ground. It grows, one day at a time, centimeter by centimeter.

Not only does it fight against gravity to become taller, it also breaks hard rocks underground, where its got no eyes in order to tap from the soil. It grows, one day at a time, centimeter by centimeter, through the hardest part on earth in order to be firm and resist strong winds.

It later becomes a beautiful tree, bears fruit, get attracted to agents of pollination and the process begins again with its seeds being dispersed – all too soon, it becomes an old plant.

In this new month, we are only planting the ‘seeds’ from January. At the end, we would have another seed to plant from the ‘tree’ that we would grow. The consequences of our actions will determine the sort of plant we have at the end but endurance and persistence, will let us sail through, one day at a time.

My name is Kotey, and  surely, we shall overcome, certainly – for God is with us.

Good morning


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