Maintaining Your Standard


The assembly line for Coca-Cola is amazing: from moulding cans, glass and even paint. The part where the paint is added to the can is what ‘surprises’ me the most. One of the senior workers said, and paraphrasing, “our colour is red, but not just any red, so if we fail to get the exact colour on the can, we fail to sell our brand.”

But then how many of us really take notice of how ‘red’ the can is when buying ? Our main concern is the product in the can but not necessarily the ‘can’. However, to the workers, a failure to get it right, means everything is wrong.

After the necessary stages of can moulding, inscribing and painting, it is then filled with coke and corked with a lid. All of these processes are automated. The next stage is to measure the level of coke in the can through a sort of ‘x-ray detection.’ Any can which happens to even be a cubic millimeter  short is rejected by the automated system and sent to be recycled. Next the cans which are chilled are then water sprayed with hot water to increase their temperature for adequate storage in order not to destroy the content.

Finally, it is packaged, distributed, finds its way to a fridge, and you remove it and drink a product that happened to be a ‘mistake’ someone made trying to ‘invent’ something new centuries ago.

The point is, in life, we get all over the successes of others, but if only we knew the amount of energy that went into it. Our success is sure, if we continue to maintain and improve on our standard of doing things.

My name is Kotey.

Good day.



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