images-4Back in the university, we were given coveralls for our lab work. Initially we had ones that we would just put on easily by wearing it like a shirt. The ones that came, I suppose it was meant as an improvement, was a full cloth one had to wear at a go.

Obviously, many of us found it to be ‘too much.’ As usual, some of us kept to the old ones provided for us whereas some also brought the new one along. But the heat in the lab made the old ones more comfortable.

One day, one of our lecturers came around not seeing  us in this new apparel and feeling infuriated he asked why we’re not wearing it. The response was “sir, please it’s not comfortable.” The lecturer’s reply was “well, it was designed for your safety not for your comfort.”

Sometimes our purpose in life is not something that may be comfortable at first glance. It  may not also give enough common sense to our sense of reasoning but so far as we don’t use a spade for eating because it looks like a spoon, we have an inner conviction that informs us everything has a purpose.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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