Being a Leader


Once a bus conductor had to convey people from a far away place in a village to the city. The journey takes three days and is very tedious. The state of the road network is very deplorable but some drivers pay less attention.

After one day of take off, they were now on a very good part of the road that gives an advantage to the driver for more speed. But he resisted the temptation for a while. He tried accelerating to an appreciable speed for the passengers to be able to reach in time. In the process, a woman seated at the back screamed as though she was falling from a rocket in the sky asking the driver to slow down. He was offended because he wasn’t going at any top speed. Cars were overtaking him left, right and centre but he held to his pace. In the end he gave in and slowed a bit.

A few hours later, another passenger asked the driver to increase his speed a bit because they will be late. He increased his speed by 5miles per hour and within minutes another shouted at him that he is going too fast.

It wasn’t the request that was his headache, but the manner in which the passengers kept shouting at him. He later decided to let the car move at a walking pace to the chagrin of the passengers. Again they yelled at him. But then he realized that, no matter what he does, someone would say something.He then decided to travel at his own speed, whiles observing every rule and regulation on the road.

My name is Kotey and sometimes in life, many will complain about what you do, but never lose focus on your vision, so far as it is right. Nonetheless, have a listening ear.

Good morning.


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