An African Tale (Verse 3)

Chief Priest [to first Elder]: Eeii breda, warris that?

First Elder [suddenly defensive]: This is not my real size.

Fourth Elder [to first elder]: But the size of a standing broom remains the same when it’s placed on the ground.

All the elders laughed at that statement whiles feeling sorry for their fellow elder. Light fades from them and now on Narrator.

Narrator: Under the nim tree they sit. Holding hands like butterflies with claspers. Shedding emotional tears and telling lovely words into each other’s ears. But just as children are ignorant about life, these young lads in their puberty are no different. Like kangoroo clutching its young in its under belly, the Princess sits in the lap of Kofi Giddy, clutching each other without leaving a hair’s breadth. But Navala is a just god, and justice will be thiers…or will what will be, be?

Light fades from narrator to a scene showing a male and female sitting on a broken branch under a nim tree.

Princess: Lets run away into another kingdom and start all over.

Kofi Giddy: Your father will chase us to the ends of the earth till he has my head and you know it.

Princess: But I love you.

Kofi Giddy: So I should die eh?

Princess [shoving Kofi slightly]: Oh come on! You know I didn’t mean it that way.

Kofi Giddy: I know my love. I love you to the moon and back and when I’m coming back I’ll bring you chicken feathers.

Princess: Ah, but you can’t even climb a mango tree and you’re always scared of a mother hen.

Narrator’s voice emanates from the background as the two love birds continue to tease each other.

Narrator: Yes, Kofi is silly, but his stupidity was humour to the Princess. They are madly in love. But one is literally in love with a mad man and the gods are not noted for curing the illness in the head. The disaster that looms is far greater than an epidemic. But will love conquer all? Even when the brain in the head smells of rotten tilapia?

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good morning


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