It’s OK to Give Up

PhotoCredit: Antonio Guillem

“It is only a fool who does not change his mind.” I have heard this time and again but then what if what you have in mind is what is right? Obviously you would have to continue if that is the case.

If you continually keep pushing a door that has ‘Pull’ written on it, you will never get the chance to enter the building. You are likely to blame the door for a malfunction whiles actually the fault is emanating from your interpretation of things.

More often than not, we come across life occurrences that we keep trying to attain. We fail to recognize that everyone has what he or she is capable of doing and we all are not the same. When you keep failing, then you have to change your ways but if after trying all avenues of hope you’re still not able to make it then you should abandon the cause.

Sometimes the trick is to give up doing it alone and allow others to help you. Keep trying what you’re doing just as Thomas Edison tried countless times with the light bulb, but if you’re not making any progress, my sister, my brother, it is very ok to give up than to live the rest of your life knowing you couldn’t kill a mosquito with a stone.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning


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