Hard Life

PhotoCredit: Neetesh Kumar

“Life is hard!” – Usually you’ll hear this from people who, per their exposure to certain aspect of life, reckon life to be so. But how hard can life be?

Ask your self if it is fair for a toothless, boneless, more-than-soft creature like the earthworm to be ‘drilling’ holes in the earth. Yet this ‘humble’ creature which doesn’t ‘harm’ anyone but rather helps in aerating the soil and serving as humus ends up becoming a meal for, mainly, birds.

But then remember those that become a meal for predators are those who make it to the surface. At the surface, they become expose to all predators and adverse weather conditions.

Life can be said to be same. Those who choose to be at the surface are those who easily swept by the storms of life. The most successful people in every field have been exposed to most of the challenges that their success comes with. Remember that the most valuable of all minerals on earth are underground and the tallest trees have the deepest roots. Indeed what doesn’t kill you, as others argue, only makes you stronger.

My name is Kotey and know that no matter how hard life is, you can never get hold of it and try to break it with your bare hands. It rather gets hold of you, and gives you another chance to succeed.

Good morning.


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