An African Tale (Verse 2)

Narrator: The breeze, bullying the blaze of the bright afternoon’s sun, leaves a succinct steam on the sakora heads of the biblically bald elders. This couldn’t stymie the rays of the sun from providing ample reflection from afar. They sit, hand-in-hand, exhibiting their garrulous skills as though they are wise men. But, nay, these old men with only cloths around their waist merely understood the works of the gods and only speak gibberish when drunk. Today they’re handed the seats closest to the king, and gossiping like hungry chickens, they do what all elders do: talking about other people’s business!

Light fades from Narrator onto the battlefield with focus on the elders who seem to literally knock their heads on each other’s. Simultaneously, a fight between the village champion of Seku and that of Bongo still goes on.

First Elder: Bongo’s champion is a beast. See his shoulders. I bet the princess will not last one night on his bed.

Second Elder: The size of the ‘man’ on a man is not determined by the size of his body. Even baby gorillas make their mothers cry when they engage in coitus!

Third Elder (to first Elder): How do you know his ‘man’ is like the size of his body? Or am I the only one noticing that okro-size creature underneath his cloth.

All laugh spontaneously.

First Elder [wittily]: Well, the gods work in mysterious ways. Sometimes it’s not about the size of the army, but how effective their strategy is.

Fourth Elder [obviously feeling offended by the topic]: the conversation had in the inner room of a house are not fit for the dining table. Why do you keep talking about other people’s matters?

Second Elder: Why? Is yours too small? Or is your wife not satisfied…?

Fourth Eder [Interjecting]: Tofiakwa! The gods forbid! Amadioha fire your tongue.

First Elder: Then why are you behaving like a prostitute in the midst of virgins?

And with those words, the wind blew in circles, mysteriously lifting the cloth of only the First Elder, parading his arsenals to the full glare of the remaining elders. And being shocked by the sight of the minute creature beneath, the Chief Priest quipped “Warris that?”

First Elder: This is not my real size.

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good day.


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