Something about Experience

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Imagine you trying to propose to a lady you like and for 10years all you can say when you call is, “hello dear, have you had your quiet time this morning?” Just that. Beloved, for lack of a better word, you’re likely to become an alarm set as a reminder than your intended purpose. Until you see the light and change your ways you’ll not go any further. She would soon get bored and look out for a new ‘saviour’ who’s likely to lead her to ‘paradise.’


In the same way, experience isn’t doing the same thing the same way no matter how long, even if a for a century! You’re just being monotonous, and overtime your skills are going to be archaic and become part of Greek mythology. Unfortunately, in our part of the world many people tout about with quite a number of years of experience in their fields of expertise, but, sadly, doing the same thing! For example, you’re likely to have a Teller with 10 years experience who has just been sitting in the same cage, and probably the same seat, for that number of years. The person will not even learn how to update the windows on the computer he uses (but will call I.T because it is not his job!)

On the other hand, we are likely to have you, yes I mean YOU, who although have been at home for 3months or even vacated for 3weeks, hasn’t thought of learning a new skill. It could even be learning the various features on Microsoft Excel. (Mind you, lots of people although write that they are experts in this actually can’t use up to 50% of its ability!)

As Strive Masiyiwa pointed out in one of his recent posts, you must, at least, change your profession or learn a different way of doing things every 5years. That way you become versatile and capable of meeting up with global and future changes as it happens.

Yet, as change happens, careful not get embroiled in things that become commonly used by most people and doing it the same way. Recently, Kofi Yeboah shared a link which portrayed startups veering towards mobile app and quoting him he opined “About 90% of the startups mentioned have their value proposition centered on a mobile app. I have a feeling mobile application based startups are becoming a norm and that investors need to look at other options.” I don’t have to go further.

The point is your experience without variety is just like boiled rice without salt. By continually educating yourself with current trends of doing things you will be a gem unto your employees, but more importantly, yourself. So do not spend all your data on social media. Visit the links, enroll for a program, and learn something new!

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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