Be Elegant

PhotoCredit: Bernice

A mother once woke up not knowing what to provide her household for breakfast. The night before she had visited five family members in different location just to find a piece of bread for her two children but to no avail. She had wept bitterly and uncontrollably in silence as daybreak drew closer.


When morning came, she wiped the tears of her eyes, but couldn’t erase the red colour from it. As it was time for breakfast, she called her children and smiled at them and said “What do you want to eat today? Mummy has a surprise for you.” She didn’t know her children had heard her sobs in the night when she cried. The eldest of her children responded quite sentimentally saying “Mom, there’s no food for us and we know, but we have each other and a smile to put on our clothes after we wear them. God will make a way. Don’t worry.”

Being shocked, the lacerates (tears) that fell from their mother’s cheek was enough to wash a white t-shirt, but her children wiped it clean and gave her a bear hug. At that moment, their uncle, whom their mother visited the night before, came around with food for them to eat.

We all cannot have what we wish for. It doesn’t mean we should not dream. At a particular point we are most likely to get more if not less than we had prayed for. The trick is to continually be elegant, that is to mean, we should be graceful and stylish in appearance and more importantly manner, that although we don’t have what we wish for, although circumstances may not favour, we have HOPE to hold on to, and tomorrow to look forward to, for God is not done with us.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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