Write Your Plans in Pencil

PhotoCredit: Google.com

Of cause, the title must not be taken literally, rather, figuratively. Starting 2017, lots of people tried to meet up with lots of expectation. Others have vowed to visit the moon whereas others have sworn to get married or else… In making and stating our plans, we are met with lots of unforeseen challenges. The ‘how’ of getting our plans achieved is susceptible to external factors. It is said that “it is only the fool who never has a change of heart and neither a change in mind.”


In outlining our desire, there are certain things that must be considered. Taking cue from engineering, when one is designing an equipment, the theoretical approach provides and works out for you to get an ‘ideal’ equipment. There are other constants and factors that are applied to formulas to make your equipment near reality as possible, but the fact is until you create a model and simulate external factors such as the wind, gravity, temperature, humidity etc. on what you’re working on, you’ll have faith that what you are doing is perfect…at least until reality meets up with you.

However, having a change of heart and a change in mind doesn’t mean you should be ‘overly flexible’ or highly responsive to external stimuli. Some changes are meant to be withstood, other are meant to be overcome, whereas others are meant to be ignored. Some sailors say, with or without the wind, man must move. In effect, not all changes need your response.

As, we are three days short of having the first week in January end, know that, you will have to review your plans and see what external factors affect you. Whether in your business, your life, religion or even your work, see how best you can respond to the changes happening and the ones yet to happen. But then, with wisdom.

My name is Kotey and as it is said, “write your plans in pencil, and give God the pen and eraser.”

Good morning.


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