Perfecting Our Skills

eagl.jpgYesterday, after we closed from a reunion among JHS mates, a friend told me of how eagles, female eagles for that matter, select their male suitors. It is quite an incredible adventure on which the innocent male suitors try to ‘impress’ the opposite sex of how ‘impressive’ they can fly and also display their ‘goal keeping’ skills.

In choosing her mate, the female eagle flies high into the sky carrying a stick. She then drops it and watches the male attempt to catch it. Each time the male catches it, she finds a heavier stick and flies higher than the previous height to drop it. She continues this escapade until she picks the heaviest stick she can carry and drops it in order to watch the male catch it. If the male is not able to catch any, even if one, she flies away from him, signaling that she’s not interested and then goes ahead to find another male who can pass the test.

This exercise may seem fruitless until one is aware that, when the ‘couple’ start making ‘babies’, they have their nests high up. When the babies (eaglets) start to fly, they sometimes fall instead and it is the male’s job to catch his young, and he never fails!

My name is Kotey and sometimes the test we pass through basically is to prepare us for future happenings of which we must overcome. By constantly practicing and perfecting our skills, we are likely to become the best of ourselves growing unto maturity. However, one must be able to decipher which actions are pointless and which are beneficial.

Good morning.


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