A Lesson from Warren Buffet

The ensuring story is credited to CNBC.com, on Warren Buffet.


Learn from a Coach

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Sometimes we will feel so motivated to achieve something. So into the idea that we can change our ways and become better or do what we have always been wanting to do. But the truth is more often than not we are bound not to succeed. It is not enough to rely on ourselves no matter how good or excellent we may be.


Various aspects of life have people who have walked through already before us. In order not repeat their mistakes, we have to learn from them. some will even share with you how they started, how they failed, what they did in order to bounce back, and even what to avoid.

Imagine it this way. Say you’re travelling to land you have heard of and all you know is the name of that land and how the place looks like. There are many paths to that land, some dead ends and some only to prolong your length of time to the land. On the other hand, what if you know someone who has been to that land and back several times? Obviously that person would be a gem to have, as he would show you the way, what to avoid, and what to take along – if you’re humble to learn.

My name is Kotey, and for every aspect of my life, I strive to have a coach, not just to avoid making mistakes, but to learn from knowledgeable people in order to be better.

Good morning.

Maintaining Your Standard


The assembly line for Coca-Cola is amazing: from moulding cans, glass and even paint. The part where the paint is added to the can is what ‘surprises’ me the most. One of the senior workers said, and paraphrasing, “our colour is red, but not just any red, so if we fail to get the exact colour on the can, we fail to sell our brand.”

But then how many of us really take notice of how ‘red’ the can is when buying ? Our main concern is the product in the can but not necessarily the ‘can’. However, to the workers, a failure to get it right, means everything is wrong.

After the necessary stages of can moulding, inscribing and painting, it is then filled with coke and corked with a lid. All of these processes are automated. The next stage is to measure the level of coke in the can through a sort of ‘x-ray detection.’ Any can which happens to even be a cubic millimeter  short is rejected by the automated system and sent to be recycled. Next the cans which are chilled are then water sprayed with hot water to increase their temperature for adequate storage in order not to destroy the content.

Finally, it is packaged, distributed, finds its way to a fridge, and you remove it and drink a product that happened to be a ‘mistake’ someone made trying to ‘invent’ something new centuries ago.

The point is, in life, we get all over the successes of others, but if only we knew the amount of energy that went into it. Our success is sure, if we continue to maintain and improve on our standard of doing things.

My name is Kotey.

Good day.



images-4Back in the university, we were given coveralls for our lab work. Initially we had ones that we would just put on easily by wearing it like a shirt. The ones that came, I suppose it was meant as an improvement, was a full cloth one had to wear at a go.

Obviously, many of us found it to be ‘too much.’ As usual, some of us kept to the old ones provided for us whereas some also brought the new one along. But the heat in the lab made the old ones more comfortable.

One day, one of our lecturers came around not seeing  us in this new apparel and feeling infuriated he asked why we’re not wearing it. The response was “sir, please it’s not comfortable.” The lecturer’s reply was “well, it was designed for your safety not for your comfort.”

Sometimes our purpose in life is not something that may be comfortable at first glance. It  may not also give enough common sense to our sense of reasoning but so far as we don’t use a spade for eating because it looks like a spoon, we have an inner conviction that informs us everything has a purpose.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.

Being a Leader


Once a bus conductor had to convey people from a far away place in a village to the city. The journey takes three days and is very tedious. The state of the road network is very deplorable but some drivers pay less attention.

After one day of take off, they were now on a very good part of the road that gives an advantage to the driver for more speed. But he resisted the temptation for a while. He tried accelerating to an appreciable speed for the passengers to be able to reach in time. In the process, a woman seated at the back screamed as though she was falling from a rocket in the sky asking the driver to slow down. He was offended because he wasn’t going at any top speed. Cars were overtaking him left, right and centre but he held to his pace. In the end he gave in and slowed a bit.

A few hours later, another passenger asked the driver to increase his speed a bit because they will be late. He increased his speed by 5miles per hour and within minutes another shouted at him that he is going too fast.

It wasn’t the request that was his headache, but the manner in which the passengers kept shouting at him. He later decided to let the car move at a walking pace to the chagrin of the passengers. Again they yelled at him. But then he realized that, no matter what he does, someone would say something.He then decided to travel at his own speed, whiles observing every rule and regulation on the road.

My name is Kotey and sometimes in life, many will complain about what you do, but never lose focus on your vision, so far as it is right. Nonetheless, have a listening ear.

Good morning.

An African Tale (Verse 3)

Chief Priest [to first Elder]: Eeii breda, warris that?

First Elder [suddenly defensive]: This is not my real size.

Fourth Elder [to first elder]: But the size of a standing broom remains the same when it’s placed on the ground.

All the elders laughed at that statement whiles feeling sorry for their fellow elder. Light fades from them and now on Narrator.

Narrator: Under the nim tree they sit. Holding hands like butterflies with claspers. Shedding emotional tears and telling lovely words into each other’s ears. But just as children are ignorant about life, these young lads in their puberty are no different. Like kangoroo clutching its young in its under belly, the Princess sits in the lap of Kofi Giddy, clutching each other without leaving a hair’s breadth. But Navala is a just god, and justice will be thiers…or will what will be, be?

Light fades from narrator to a scene showing a male and female sitting on a broken branch under a nim tree.

Princess: Lets run away into another kingdom and start all over.

Kofi Giddy: Your father will chase us to the ends of the earth till he has my head and you know it.

Princess: But I love you.

Kofi Giddy: So I should die eh?

Princess [shoving Kofi slightly]: Oh come on! You know I didn’t mean it that way.

Kofi Giddy: I know my love. I love you to the moon and back and when I’m coming back I’ll bring you chicken feathers.

Princess: Ah, but you can’t even climb a mango tree and you’re always scared of a mother hen.

Narrator’s voice emanates from the background as the two love birds continue to tease each other.

Narrator: Yes, Kofi is silly, but his stupidity was humour to the Princess. They are madly in love. But one is literally in love with a mad man and the gods are not noted for curing the illness in the head. The disaster that looms is far greater than an epidemic. But will love conquer all? Even when the brain in the head smells of rotten tilapia?

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good morning

There’s Hope

mom and child.jpg
PhotoCredit: Black Art Paintings


She sits, admiring her child sleep without worrying about the gunshots that was being heard outside their home. He occasionally smiles in his sleep and giggles as bombs and grenades blast away the silence of the night as though an angel had him tickled. He slept like a baby – for a baby he was.

The young chub knew not the torment his mom had been through. She had lost his dad three months to his birth after the couple had tried for ten good sidereal years. As she watches him, she thinks, perhaps he is dreaming of being an engineer, nah, may be a doctor, or perhaps the best peasant farmer like his dad was.

She wipes her tears from her eyelids occasionally as the thought of reality hits at her: her son wouldn’t survive through the night. Food alone was a problem, but the smile of her child with his eyes closed on her laps is far satisfying than any banquet.

As the darkness of the night grew thicker and the breeze got colder, she heard her child speak for the first time. What surprised her the most was what he said. She couldn’t believe it. Is she hallucinating from eating wild berries or is the once evil forest speaking to her. She heard him speak again. This time, his lips moved as he slept and uttered the word “Dad.” She cried. How can I explain to him when he grows up, she lamented.

But in the midst of the bittersweet happiness a hand wrapped her from behind, warming her cold skin and the most familiar voice in her life said “Jane, I’m back.” With tears like that of Lake Victoria, she washed off the blood stains from his chest and they sneaked through the dangerous night into a neighboring country, living not happily ever after but enduring through hard times and being happy

Brethren, sometimes hope comes from the most unlikely of sources. Don’t lose it.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.