What Love Did to Me (Verse 3)

blakbeauty“One…two…three…puuusshh!” Believe it or not she got down and began pushing the car. The summation of our applied effort provided a net positive gain in momentum which overcame the inertia of the car as we accelerated from rest inline with our direction of motion. At that moment, I realized I was in a comfortable lead for I was cruising to victory. I mean, how many guys can dare their crush on the first date to help push their car? Let alone a 30year old Mercedes-Benz!

Someway somehow, we found favour in the sight of gods as the engine of our ‘petroless’ car reignited. She took her rightful place at the front passenger seat, obviously panting from the unusual exercise. With her face like that of a curious cat, she asked “How are you able to be so brave? I mean we just met and already my heart is falling for…” She stopped abruptly but then I caught the revelation in her words, for it was dropped in my spirit from above. Immediately I took her hand and stared into her eyes and said “my heart palpitates and my head aches with this feeling I certainly can’t fake. I wouldn’t like to circumvent on I what I intend by suppressing my visible emotions. The obvious is true and it will lead to that which is truly obvious.”

At that moment, every living thing in the car became silent. No motion could be sensed unless beating hearts as our eyes stared deeply into one another’s. So I leaned slowly towards her end, and she did towards mine until the distance between our harmattan lips was exactly 0.1inches should you measure with a vernier caliper.

Just as I was about making serious contact with those lips to quench my mood, I heard a voice calling me from the wilderness “Larbi, Larbi,..Larbi.” So I turned slowly and there was my mom looking at me with a serious face. “Larbi, I said wake up! You don’t get a wife by being in bed all morning! I want to see my grandchildren!”

Dear God, I have been dreaming!

The End.

A Verse by Kotey.

Thanks for reading.

Good morning.



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