Everyone has His Turn

stage.pngBack in primary school, I had one classmate by name Hefata, affectionately called Nii Nii. I have never come across any being who can laugh more than this guy. I mean he can laugh and laugh and…just pray you’re not the one. It’s not about how long he laughs oo, but then how he does it. It even gets to a point where he will even start crying. Sometimes when a teacher makes a joke in class and everybody had finished laughing, then 5minutes later, you hear the raucous yet mellifluous of his laughter emanating from the corner with sporadic “ajei, ajei…” At that moment you can’t help but also start laughing because his laughter becomes funnier than the joke. At some point, the teacher will have to stop dictating the notes because the guy hasn’t finished laughing.

The point is this, there will be some moments in our lives when our (uncontrollable) actions will make us the centre of attraction. People will stop what they are doing just to make sure we have the floor. What is most important is that whatever we do, we have the ability to infest people around us with that same character. It is always necessary, that when you have the moment on that imaginary yet real stage in life, take a moment to do what is good and let the good infest other people. Do what is right, and let being right not be an opinion. For life is a stage, and we all have our turns. Some will stay longer, but then others will have theirs shortened yet have the most impact.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.



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