2016-12-27-10-47-53-155870162We’ve all being told how or have heard of how long it takes for a bamboo to crop out of the soil. It takes almost eternity: 3 to 5 years. But few really make mention of what happens afterwards. Being a rare form of a grass, some bamboo species can grow as fast as 1 metre every 24 hours (usually the species in the Vietnamese forest). These species tend to grow fast the longer they grow from the ground and reach incredible heights in a matter of weeks. They are able to bypass plants which sprout out within 3 days of planting and meet up with trees that have gained their heights in decades. Bamboo also have many uses and it has incredible strength.

My name is Kotey and in life, sometimes some people will leave you behind, some will also succeed very quickly, and some will also become billionaires overnight. It doesn’t matter how long it will take. Sometimes your long wait prepares you for faster growth so long us you don’t give up.

Good morning


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