What Love Did to Me (Verse 2)

blakbeautyIt wasn’t the ‘malafaka’ that she said that was painful oo, but then how she said it and after that too she added “mtchew.” I froze like pancake in a freezer with my jaws wide open as sweat started trickling down my chin making my shirt wet. Even my breath stopped for 15seconds without me knowing. But then I remembered the bible verse that I based on to pray that “…the Kingdom of God suffered violence and the violence shall take it by force…” So to me this ‘violence’ was mine for the taking, and no weapon formed against me in finding my wife this very moment shall prosper. Somebody say “ameeenn.” So I got down from my 30year old Mercedes-Benz handed down from one generation to the other, in order to approach her as I recited a verse from 2nd Chronicles that “…But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” As I got closer she didn’t even look at me but then my heart had some words to pour out from the depth of my feelings. I can’t just let this one-in-a-billion, fine, good-looking, handcrafted-by-God-from-a-special-clay lady just to go like that. So with added emotions and sorrow I voiced out my plea as if I was saying a prayer to Zeus the ancient Greek god and said “my emotions cannot refrain, words cannot explain, my lips may not be able to bargain, but I know this feeling will remain so let’s have a heart-to-heart talk and I will want it happen again and again.” Right after saying this she looked at me and smiled and immediately I knew I had touched a soft spot. I added some small pressure and grabbed her hand and led her to the car. She didn’t resist and as she sat in the car, I knew that indeed, Change has come. So I rushed to my side to get the car started and go on this escapade. I attempted to start the car 3 times but to no avail. All of a sudden, my face began looking like that of Amissah Arthur when he stood by Mahama as he delivered the concession speech, and in that moment the Holy Spirit reminded me that the night before the fuel I bought was just 1 gallon. So with a smile like that of Kalybos, I looked her in the eye and said, “errm, sister mepakyƐw bebia yƐ dru yi diƐ mepakyƐw se na pia.”

To be continued…


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