A Lesson from the Tree

fatherA father once took his child to the village he comes from. When they got to their family house, a tree which was planted a few months ago caught the attention of his child. Every morning he will wake up and care for the plant by watering and uprooting all weeds around it. He did this for as long as he could until one dawn he woke up to do his self-imposed chore only to find out that all the leaves had fallen off the tree and tree seemed desolate. He couldn’t understand why after all these caring and catering for the tree it would just die like that. But then his dad told him to just continue his good deeds and that the tree would come back to life. After two weeks of lackadaisically doing his bid, the leaves started to sprout from the branches, with better look. The child couldn’t believe his eyes but his joy has been fulfilled. At that point as he was jumping and jubilating, his dad took the moment to give him a fatherly advice. He said to him “this is the same thing that happens to people. There is a point in life when all that makes you beautiful will be no more; a point when you’ll grow weak because your strength is no more; a point when you will no longer have faith but then most importantly never lose hope because just like this tree, our ability to bounce back is right within us and giving up on hope is giving up on life.”

My name is Kotey and in life we may not smile always, we may not be strong always, we may not succeed always but we have the choice to not give up on hope.

Good morning.


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