When Billows Roll

PhotoCredit: Solomon Danquah

If you have ever played the game ‘Stay – for you’ when you were a child, then you know what it means to suffer for a while and do everyone’s bidding. Usually you are happy when you have not yet being caught and you’re just sending someone’s child like you don’t care…until it’s your turn. Sometimes the way people send you faraway you ask yourself “can people be this heartless?” As if you dier you were kind to them. Your hope of catching someone becomes very strong and you aim at the one ‘sending’ you the most. But then your hope gradually turns into anger when you realize you’ve been the centre of attention and humour for more than four hours. Yeah, I’ve been a culprit before so I’ve had firsthand experience. To those who lived in estates and glass houses and don’t know what I’m talking about, the game is very simple. It’s about you throwing a ball, usually a small one, to hit someone. The person must not move but he has the option of hitting the ball you throw with a stick (similar to cricket). Should the person miss, it is the person’s turn to do the throwing, and should you not throw the ball to touch someone, everybody rushes to hit the ball far enough and then run off to hide until you catch the ball and say “Stay” and they cheekily respond “for you.” Should you try to runaway, people will catch you and let you do all sorts of things, like counting grains of sand, hitting the back of your hand, you name it. The best way to fight off in this game is to smile and know that it’s just a game. Employ strategy in you throwing the ball, aim at the one whose swing is weak and strength is low. And when you get somebody one-on-one, again you just smile, relax and use the ball to hit the person’s hand so that the person will have to catch someone twice before his tenure is over. It’s not wickedness. It’s just the rule of the game.


This game taught me important life lessons, that with strategy, effectiveness and consistency, we can always overcome whatever problems or situations we are in. It may take long, but you will surely find a way to ‘catch’ that problem one-on-one and when you do, don’t forget to smile, before kicking it out of your life.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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