PhotoCredit: Nelly Derby-Okae

The most difficult part for her was growing up. It wasn’t as though she had nothing, she had everything, and that to her was HOPE. When life threw at her challenges, she embraced from it endurance. When life gave her darkness, she knew it was only a shade and that there was light above. When things in life made her emotions drown in sorrow and happiness, she knew after every storm, there is a calm. When life gave to her a desert, she knew there was a well underground for her to dig.  She knew nothing in life comes by chance and no prediction is exact.


Today, Nelly always looks up to the heavens, from where her strength cometh. She looks at her scars in the mirror and it reminds her of the worthy sacrifices she had to make. She looks at her eyes, and it reminds her of how the tears washed her pain. As to her philosophy, she says “Life is full of many unexpected events, some to cripple us and some to strengthen us. The idea is to tackle it head-on, expecting another to surface but knowing you have been made stronger from the previous.”

My name is Kotey, and although life throws at us many unexpected events, we have to learn to surprise life with unexpected results, for we are a walking miracle, a mystery yet to be unraveled unto the world. Our HOPE is that we don’t give up and with God, all things are possible.

Good morning.


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