What She Chose


A child once lived with her aunt and uncle for her parents had gone on a journey to meet their ancestors and never were to return. I wouldn’t have loved to talk about the treatment, but it was something even the neighbors complained about for it was terrible. This little child wakes up as early as 4am, courtesy a cane on her back. It was quite an interesting way of letting her ‘resurrect’ from the uncomfortable sleep she had to get use to. She does every chore at home, and after cooking for the family, she is given money to go and find something else to eat. The amount could only afford cocoyam, for that was the only thing that could satisfy her hunger late in the night. She ate cocoyam for most of her life to the extent that she could taste nothing but cocoyam. Cutting the long story short, she grew up and settled with a man who fell in love with her because of how she had learnt to keep a home. They had three children who were well to do. One day, the children decided to give their mom a treat so they asked her to choose what she wants. She opened her mouth and said “I will love some roasted cocoyam with koobi and slightly hot kpakpo shito.” They were very surprised by what she requested and so realizing their shock she explained to them “I never had the chance to choose that food. I bought it because that was the only option and that was the only thing that could satisfy me. But I also know that inasmuch as the treatment where I was , was very hard for me, it was there I learnt many of the skills of trying to keep a good home and being a good mother.” And with that, they hugged her and shed tears but still gave her, her heart desire.
My name is Kotey, and sometimes the difficulty that people puts us through is what makes us better humans tomorrow. All the same, treat people better today, for tomorrow you can never control how they will choose to remember you.

Good morning.


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