What Love Did To Me (Verse 1)

blakbeauty“Damn!” That was the first word that came out from my mouth when I first saw her. Actually I didn’t understand why there was so much traffic on the Tema motorway that fateful afternoon after I was returning from church until my eyes beheld one of God’s glory. I had prayed a ‘wicked prayer’ at church earlier that “…God you either give me a wife by evening or else I’m done!” Yeah, I know it was kinda harsh, but that is what happens when you’re a year away from turning 40 and your parents invite your family head, village elders and chief of your town to convince you to get to married, as if you’re being persuaded to accept defeat in an election result. In fact, I was going through ‘mental depression.’ But at that divine moment on the Tema motorway when my eyes met hers, I involuntarily stepped on the brake pads and my body started doing me ‘someway bi.’ Those who have been or are in love know what I’m talking about. The wind blew her hair South-east relative to the North Pole, as she tilted her position at an angle adjacent to latitude 30degrees, revealing all her jaw dropping ‘accoutrements’ in the tight clothing she was wearing for the  public to judge the pros and cons for having a fine body. Her black pupil laid in her white cornea like black cherry on snow. Her perfect nose sat on top of those glossy lips that made me salivate. But then those curly ears like curly brackets bracketed her beauteous face which held a captivating smile that got me charmed like voodoo.

So with ‘big-boy-things’, I packed my car by the side of the road, rolled the glass down and honked at her to draw nigh. In the realm of spirituality and quickly rehearsed lines, I said to her “The sun is hot, and so is hell. Why don’t we get some chilled drinks to meditate the words of Solomon in Songs of Solomon? For the Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.”

Then with the look like that of now-popular-sake-of-a-video-went-viral-self-made-celebrity, Rashida Black Beauty, she looked me in the eye and said “Malafaka!”

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good morning.



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