KOTEY SCRIBBLES: Vote for Progress Not for Peace

Peace emanates as a result of people’s decision to consciously do what is right and tolerate others irrespective of their opinion, whiles obeying the rules that govern a nation. Elections is a moment when people consciously decide to use their right to choose leaders to entrust a period of a nation’s destiny and peacefully progress in all development whiles upholding the constitution. Obviously, tomorrow is a time for the latter and we as citizens must exercise our franchise in that respect.

Tomorrow is not a moment that Ghana will win. It will be a time that one political party will win the elections and determine the future of Ghana and Ghanaians by the implementation of its policies that it trumpeted. By and by, we will know which of these policies will indeed be achieved and also, perhaps, the political reasons as to why some were just for show.

For three solid months, we have been bombarded with realities and fictions of possible impossibilities and ‘utopian solutions’ for most of our perennial problems as a nation. We have been served mouth-watering delicacies by politicians who seem to woo us to their side through their vicious campaign. Some seem to have a lifeline whereas others where just like a bubble in the atmosphere holding irrelevant gas. There was also plenty gimmickry and comedy from people who seem to be taking advantage of, in my opinion, poor requirements and provisions of who needs to stand for president, as well as shocking mistakes from people and institutions that must know better.

Nonetheless, this is the time when we must voraciously discern and apply our soiled thumbs on the appropriate place on the ballot paper for the right candidate. This is the time when we must go for what is better than settle for what is good. This is the time when parents must look at what will benefit their children who are not of voting age. This is the time when the youth must look at what Ghana they wish to enjoy. This is the time when the aged must look at what Ghana they wish to leave behind before joining the list of ancestors.

We are at the crossroads and we will surely cross it, perhaps not by crossing a famous interchange, but by consciously voting for a political party which will determine the destiny of this nation for another four years with or without change.

My name is Kotey and I know, and believe, Ghana will prevail.

Good morning.


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