Thank You

thanks.jpgIt’s been an interesting year for me. One that wouldn’t have been so memorable without my cherished readers. Since June 3 of this year, I’ve written daily messages that sought to inspire and also verses of fictitious stories that were to also entertain. The feedback has been great and encouraging and if not for them perhaps I couldn’t have reached this far.
The most challenging part for me was keeping my writing as short as possible. Averagely, I’ve been able to keep my writings at 300 words, although quite a number of them were about 250words.
My last piece for the year brought mixed reactions as some thought I ought to continue the verse. But then I’ll try my best possible to keep you entertained for the coming year as God grants me Grace and wisdom to be better at writing in the coming year.
Basically, this is for me to say a big thank you for all who have read my piece. Whether once, twice or always. I am grateful.

My name is Kotey.
Thank you.


What Love Did to Me (Verse 3)

blakbeauty“One…two…three…puuusshh!” Believe it or not she got down and began pushing the car. The summation of our applied effort provided a net positive gain in momentum which overcame the inertia of the car as we accelerated from rest inline with our direction of motion. At that moment, I realized I was in a comfortable lead for I was cruising to victory. I mean, how many guys can dare their crush on the first date to help push their car? Let alone a 30year old Mercedes-Benz!

Someway somehow, we found favour in the sight of gods as the engine of our ‘petroless’ car reignited. She took her rightful place at the front passenger seat, obviously panting from the unusual exercise. With her face like that of a curious cat, she asked “How are you able to be so brave? I mean we just met and already my heart is falling for…” She stopped abruptly but then I caught the revelation in her words, for it was dropped in my spirit from above. Immediately I took her hand and stared into her eyes and said “my heart palpitates and my head aches with this feeling I certainly can’t fake. I wouldn’t like to circumvent on I what I intend by suppressing my visible emotions. The obvious is true and it will lead to that which is truly obvious.”

At that moment, every living thing in the car became silent. No motion could be sensed unless beating hearts as our eyes stared deeply into one another’s. So I leaned slowly towards her end, and she did towards mine until the distance between our harmattan lips was exactly 0.1inches should you measure with a vernier caliper.

Just as I was about making serious contact with those lips to quench my mood, I heard a voice calling me from the wilderness “Larbi, Larbi,..Larbi.” So I turned slowly and there was my mom looking at me with a serious face. “Larbi, I said wake up! You don’t get a wife by being in bed all morning! I want to see my grandchildren!”

Dear God, I have been dreaming!

The End.

A Verse by Kotey.

Thanks for reading.

Good morning.


Everyone has His Turn

stage.pngBack in primary school, I had one classmate by name Hefata, affectionately called Nii Nii. I have never come across any being who can laugh more than this guy. I mean he can laugh and laugh and…just pray you’re not the one. It’s not about how long he laughs oo, but then how he does it. It even gets to a point where he will even start crying. Sometimes when a teacher makes a joke in class and everybody had finished laughing, then 5minutes later, you hear the raucous yet mellifluous of his laughter emanating from the corner with sporadic “ajei, ajei…” At that moment you can’t help but also start laughing because his laughter becomes funnier than the joke. At some point, the teacher will have to stop dictating the notes because the guy hasn’t finished laughing.

The point is this, there will be some moments in our lives when our (uncontrollable) actions will make us the centre of attraction. People will stop what they are doing just to make sure we have the floor. What is most important is that whatever we do, we have the ability to infest people around us with that same character. It is always necessary, that when you have the moment on that imaginary yet real stage in life, take a moment to do what is good and let the good infest other people. Do what is right, and let being right not be an opinion. For life is a stage, and we all have our turns. Some will stay longer, but then others will have theirs shortened yet have the most impact.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.



resolutions.jpgIt’s that time of the year again, and some have no idea the sort of achievement they want to have by 31st January 2017. Some have already laid out their plans whereas others are still waiting for 31st December 2016 at 11:59pm to recite what they want to achieve as they say their last prayers into the incoming year. No wonder only 8% of people who make new year resolutions achieve them. Oh yeah, and by the way, 80% of people stop pursuing their new year resolutions by end of February. Some also do not even bother to even make a resolution.

Every new year, we constantly outline heaven-on-earth resolutions that are capable of turning us into the next Super Man or the next Bill Gate in theory, yet the practical manifestation of this Alice-in-Wonderland desires remain a mere wish for 92% of people.

It’s not that our resolutions are not good enough that’s why we are not able to achieve them. It’s basically because, we state the end result rather than planning how we want to go about it. For example, these are some resolutions we are likely to make: I want to lose weight, I want to save GHC1000 by the end of the year, I want to stop drinking, and last but not least, I want to live a better life.

All these seem to be apt, and soothing. In fact, to someone, these are the resolutions he has been making every year. The problem is that there is no outlined procedure on how this is going to be achieved and that’s what makes it unrealistic. For example, instead of saying you want to lose weight, why not resolve that no eating after 6pm and no snacks after supper. Instead of saying you want to hit the gym everyday, why not be specific in saying 30 minutes workout every Saturday. Instead of saying you want to save GHC1000 by the end of the year, why not save GHC3 a day (mind you there 365 days in a year!). I can go on and on but the point is, your goal must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timebound).

Another factor that will help you achieve your resolution will be to keep it short. Some of us our resolutions can be as voluminous as the mythical book Understanding Women, Volume 1, pocket edition. But the point is, it is better to have three resolutions and achieve them in a year than to have a hundred resolutions and not remember 99 by the end of February.

Furthermore, studies have shown that those who have resolutions are ten times more likely to attain their goals than people who don’t make them. The fact that people don’t achieve their resolutions doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make one. Last I checked your name is not ‘people.’

My name is Kotey, and don’t forget that you don’t always need a new year before you make a resolution. Just think of how better you can get when you plan your life. That should motivate you enough.

Good morning.


2016-12-27-10-47-53-155870162We’ve all being told how or have heard of how long it takes for a bamboo to crop out of the soil. It takes almost eternity: 3 to 5 years. But few really make mention of what happens afterwards. Being a rare form of a grass, some bamboo species can grow as fast as 1 metre every 24 hours (usually the species in the Vietnamese forest). These species tend to grow fast the longer they grow from the ground and reach incredible heights in a matter of weeks. They are able to bypass plants which sprout out within 3 days of planting and meet up with trees that have gained their heights in decades. Bamboo also have many uses and it has incredible strength.

My name is Kotey and in life, sometimes some people will leave you behind, some will also succeed very quickly, and some will also become billionaires overnight. It doesn’t matter how long it will take. Sometimes your long wait prepares you for faster growth so long us you don’t give up.

Good morning

What Love Did to Me (Verse 2)

blakbeautyIt wasn’t the ‘malafaka’ that she said that was painful oo, but then how she said it and after that too she added “mtchew.” I froze like pancake in a freezer with my jaws wide open as sweat started trickling down my chin making my shirt wet. Even my breath stopped for 15seconds without me knowing. But then I remembered the bible verse that I based on to pray that “…the Kingdom of God suffered violence and the violence shall take it by force…” So to me this ‘violence’ was mine for the taking, and no weapon formed against me in finding my wife this very moment shall prosper. Somebody say “ameeenn.” So I got down from my 30year old Mercedes-Benz handed down from one generation to the other, in order to approach her as I recited a verse from 2nd Chronicles that “…But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” As I got closer she didn’t even look at me but then my heart had some words to pour out from the depth of my feelings. I can’t just let this one-in-a-billion, fine, good-looking, handcrafted-by-God-from-a-special-clay lady just to go like that. So with added emotions and sorrow I voiced out my plea as if I was saying a prayer to Zeus the ancient Greek god and said “my emotions cannot refrain, words cannot explain, my lips may not be able to bargain, but I know this feeling will remain so let’s have a heart-to-heart talk and I will want it happen again and again.” Right after saying this she looked at me and smiled and immediately I knew I had touched a soft spot. I added some small pressure and grabbed her hand and led her to the car. She didn’t resist and as she sat in the car, I knew that indeed, Change has come. So I rushed to my side to get the car started and go on this escapade. I attempted to start the car 3 times but to no avail. All of a sudden, my face began looking like that of Amissah Arthur when he stood by Mahama as he delivered the concession speech, and in that moment the Holy Spirit reminded me that the night before the fuel I bought was just 1 gallon. So with a smile like that of Kalybos, I looked her in the eye and said, “errm, sister mepakyƐw bebia yƐ dru yi diƐ mepakyƐw se na pia.”

To be continued…

A Lesson from the Tree

fatherA father once took his child to the village he comes from. When they got to their family house, a tree which was planted a few months ago caught the attention of his child. Every morning he will wake up and care for the plant by watering and uprooting all weeds around it. He did this for as long as he could until one dawn he woke up to do his self-imposed chore only to find out that all the leaves had fallen off the tree and tree seemed desolate. He couldn’t understand why after all these caring and catering for the tree it would just die like that. But then his dad told him to just continue his good deeds and that the tree would come back to life. After two weeks of lackadaisically doing his bid, the leaves started to sprout from the branches, with better look. The child couldn’t believe his eyes but his joy has been fulfilled. At that point as he was jumping and jubilating, his dad took the moment to give him a fatherly advice. He said to him “this is the same thing that happens to people. There is a point in life when all that makes you beautiful will be no more; a point when you’ll grow weak because your strength is no more; a point when you will no longer have faith but then most importantly never lose hope because just like this tree, our ability to bounce back is right within us and giving up on hope is giving up on life.”

My name is Kotey and in life we may not smile always, we may not be strong always, we may not succeed always but we have the choice to not give up on hope.

Good morning.