ex.pngYou don’t always need to learn from experience, neither must you necessarily learn by going through something you can avoid. I don’t really agree with the saying “experience is the best teacher.” I would rather prefer “learning from experience is the best lesson.” Life has been lived by many people for us to continue making the mistakes people have already committed that they have documented. It is therefore important that we must carry out enough research on the things we do by researching on what others have done. For example, data have seemed to be consistent with happenings on earth with almost little or no variation. It is imperative that we examine our lives each day, by taking cue from people who have already led similar lives. But then a problem lies in the fact that some of us do not even know ourselves, let alone the life we are living in order to find out about the similar lives like ours. Until we try to learn from those who have already taken the lead in life, we will continue to commit certain mistakes. We must also be humble in learning from people. Every person growing up needs  someone to mentor him/her in the respective field he/she wants to be in. In the past, you needed to have grey colour in your hair in order to be deemed as wise or good at what you do. This was mainly so because of exposure, and you can only be exposed enough to many and different situations depending on how long you lived. Today, technology and the internet have made things much easier in order for us to be exposed to many different circumstances no matter where we are. We must take advantage of it.

My name is Kotey and learning from experience, not necessarily ours, is the best lesson we could ever have for a life of repetitive mistakes is a like a movie with one scene and the same act.

Good morning.


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