Chronicles of the Old Ghana Empire (Verse 4)


The year is BC816.

And so it happened, that after a mafia tactic by Sharlot ‘the Sheeba’ Ohsei which aimed at eliminating some legitimate throne contenders, the wise gods at the divine temple reinstated them to be in contention. But the real deal, obviously, was between Jon D. Hamaha of the House of Ehndeesi and Affuko Addo of Ernpeepi. Now, Jon the fourth canvassed for support more than any sitting emperor the empire had ever had. Images of him were well carved by the artists and artisans into wood and stone at various junctions. Even before the town criers of every subkingdom gave announcement from their sub chiefs, his name was mentioned. They always ended with the catch phrase “J. Erm…toaso.” But Affuko Addo believed the battle is the Lord’s so he roamed the entire land begging and pleading with the already browbeaten yet exploited subjects of the land. So the day came and people travelled from far and near to witness this historic moment in Mansa Musa’s Old Ghana Empire at the public square – the battle between Jon the fourth and Affuko Addo.

At that moment, Shatta the Walley, whose creativity for creating songs cannot even be contested by the now Celendione, composed a tune concerning Hamaha’s paper which spread like a virus for Jon the fourth made it a morning hymn at all of his assembly. For your information, it wasn’t a missing page from the sacred Green Book that kept records of supposedly completed works of his to convince the subjects of things the eyes can see. “So why print them in the first place? “an old lady quizzed. But in that moment and being led by the spirit, Sar Kodie lifted a jama song known as ‘preferences’ or in other words ‘choices’ as most people followed tune with ‘yep’ and ‘nope.’

A few minutes later the place became dead silent for the time was up for another battle between the two main royal houses. You could see the air literally move in and out of their wide nostrils like steam from a cooking pot. Should you listen carefully, you would hear their heart beating like the drums in a Chinese war film. All was ready and tension was brewing everywhere. Sharlot ‘the Sheeba’ Ohsei was about whistling for the start of the battle and in the midst of the silence and sweating foreheads, the Oracle prophesied, in the softest of tone “Change…is Coming.”

The End.

A Verse by Kotey.

Good day.


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