In the End

wo.pngMan ends life at where he begins it. Nature gives us enough evidence for us to appreciate how things will end when we begin but more often than not, we hardly look, and should we even look, we hardly see, and should we even see, we do not perceive how things will turn out to be. A, perhaps, classic example will be the similarity between the womb and the grave. The former being that from which man entered the world, and the latter being that which man is laid to rest when he exits the world. The obvious similarity between these two are that both are enclosed spaces hidden from the sight of man. The womb is carried by a woman who nourishes the foetus till it comes out as a baby. How the womb is cared for directly affects and determines the health of the baby that is to come out. After the baby is fully grown and time expires for it return to dust, for from dust it came, there is also another preparation done to the dead body before being put into the soil. I guess by now we see that both the journey from the womb to the grave need preparation as a preceding element. In effect, your preparation leads you to where you came from.

It is very important that in our journey on this earth, man must know that we can only get what we have been working towards for man reaps what he sows. You only end up where you begin, but then your preparation determines whether it will better off or worse. Never underestimate where you came from, for we all go back there, if not the same place then better depending on how we live our lives.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.



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