Woman of Courage

esi.jpgYes, her name is Esenam Nyador from Ghana. She drives a taxi for a living and mind you she does it well. Even her ride is well-kept and nice. She is not a school dropout neither is she looking for some quick way to earn money. She is a social work graduate and taking a master’s degree with a research thesis on “Occupational Gender Segregation, The Case of Female Professional Drivers in Accra.” As a result of her engagement in this male-dominant business, she has developed a plan with a vision of creating female taxi service. She does admit that sometimes people get shocked when they stop the taxi and realize the person has in her words “boobs and earrings.” But this doesn’t stop her. She does it to the best of her ability.

My name is Kotey and we must all encourage the need for gender equality in every way possible that benefits society. More importantly to the ladies as well, gender equality will be for you to prove your worth and work hard in this world where results are very important to every organization and nation.

Good day.

Credit: BBC Africa


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