Behind the Grey Glass

Cornelia1 20161121_102402.jpg
Photo Credit: Cornelia

She was a hardworking young lady, raised from the suburbs of the busiest town in their country. Each morning she notices a very young girl who wakes up from the tent that had been set up right outside the fine building. She helps her mother to cook as early as 4am and at 5:30am takes her bath and goes round the town to sell to make ends meet. She returns at 6:30am, changes to her school uniform and puts on her bag to school. Her mom then adds the finishing touches to it and prays with her before she leaves. She continually watched this occurrence from a distance but never got close. One day when she was a hair’s breadth away from this child’s mother, the mother said to child “We may not be better off today like those in the law firm with the grey glass, but tomorrow that law firm could be yours if you learn from the hardship of today and let it inspire you than retire you. For life has its challenges and this is one of them.” The young lady saw the tears from the child’s mother’s eyes and was touched by the words,  and left with greater inner conviction to achieve than she has ever had. Today, she stands behind the grey glass to look outside where her mom spoke to her as she heads the law firm as one of the greatest lawyers to have ever lived.

My name is Kotey and there is no greater motivation than an inner conviction to do what one decides to achieve. You are your best motivation.

Good morning.


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