Chronicles of the Old Ghana Empire (Verse 3)


The year is BC800.

And so it happened, that after a dispute erupted between Jon D. Hamaha of Ehndeesi and Affuko Addo of Ernpeepi on who had the right to be emperor because someone had urinated on the pink bed sheets, the case was settled by the seven wise gods who had beards and wore wigs at the divine temple. After three full moons of argument from the holy scriptures, Jon the fourth found favor in the sight of the gods and Affuko Addo recoiled into his shell, only to prepare for the next battle after a second straight defeat. In the mean time, Qojo Aphari Jan, the kingmaker, had to abdicate his role to another soul to do his duties for his time was up. After a while of scouting the entire land, the beauty queen who seemed to be a daughter of a goddess was appointed to handle this sensitive position. Her name was Sharlot ‘the Sheeba’ Ohsei. Her face alone resembled the Queen of Sheeba and it could subdue any daring man. If you like you could research on Paa Qwasi Indoom from the House of Pri Papa Preko for short PPP, who was disqualified even before  the list of qualified royals came out. Elɛf small like he go cry. But the ways of the gods are not the ways of man and he bounced back into the competition as the ‘Indoominator’.

As the race began to heat up, Jon the Fourth tried to impress the citizenry by building and doing things. His latest was that which was similar to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon crisscrossing the capital like an interchange. It had a fountain by the side which at night became lit with devices similar to hurricane lamps without kerosene although majority of his subjects were being plagued by doomsor – a rare condition which arises from lack of adequate access to light. On the day of commissioning, many faithful and loyal people came to witness. But the best view was had by those who decided to climb the nim trees for a bird’s-eye view.

Even the Oracle, whose abode was the sky above, twisted and turned its lips in strange ways and said “Edey beee…..kɛkɛ”

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good day.



















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