deci.pngDecisions are very easy to make, not that there are not difficult choices. It’s either you make one that affects you the rest of your life or you get over it and allow yourself to be made stronger by the resulting consequence. Some choose not to decide at all, in order not to offend someone or just because they want to be continually accepted by the group they are in. At the end of the day it hurts, if not them, all others around them. But then lets take a cue from Western Union and William Bell. In 1876, Western Union had monopolized the single most important telecommunication network, the telegram. When they were approached by Gardener Greene  Hubard for an amount to own the patent on the telephone, they turned it down. They referred to it as an electrical toy. Referring to the statement written by the then president of Western Union, one Mr. Orton to William Bell he said “…after careful consideration of your invention…what use could this company make of an electrical toy?” Two years after turning down William Bell, Mr. Orton realized his mistake and wanted to catch up by spending millions. Meanwhile, it was offered to him at $100,000. All they needed to do was to set up the telephone on the lines of the telegram and it would’ve been the perfect invention that, perhaps, would have suppressed the birth of Apple.Today, William Bell’s company which was startup from the telephone is widely known as AT&T and most people know Western Union as that company that deals in money transfer and Back to-School-promotion. If only they had known that in today’s world, almost everybody craves for a mobile phone!

My name is Kotey and usually, without careful consideration of the future implication of our decisions, we are always  in haste. Most technological inventions of the time was seen as, for lack of a better word, ‘crazy’, but years down the line they are that which the world craves for. So are our decisions. We must carefully take into consideration their impact on us and our future. For we may lose a golden opportunity just as did Western Union, and may never have it back!

Good morning.



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