It Will Soon Be Over

gn.pngIt was a bright morning with bright sunshine than the previous day. The earth inched closer to zero water content by the minute and the heat closer to the temperature of the earth’s core. The clay soil had longed cracked and even the sand on the beach was no longer wet for the ocean had receded and shrunk in size as though there was an extreme low tide. With water evaporating from the earth in the form of water vapor, the sun seem not to be satisfied for the water never got to it. It continued this ‘maltreatment’ for many a day until one last moment when a cloud came through and said “enough!”. The water which had been evaporated from the earth became a condensate in the clouds. And when the time was up and right, the clouds unleashed rain to the earth, cooling its heated crevices as life began to live again.

More often than not, difficult situations seem to stay longer when we find ourselves in it. But just as the rain which poured from the cloud and cooled the earth was the water that the sun ‘evaporated’ from the earth, know that so surely shall your sweat provide you with reassuring victory when the time is ripe. Never give up on hard work for you will win, perhaps not immediately but definitely.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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