Taking a Step Back

untitled.pngA man once lived in the rural vicinity of a country, surrounded by poverty. His house was an exemplification of an epitomized  structure that objectified in exactitude what poverty means. His sweat was  the only lubricant that cooled of his hard work. He was indeed hard-working but couldn’t come to bear with the fact that he is still languishing in poverty whiles his fellows grew in wealth. One night as darkness covered the earth, and the moon climbed the sky to drive it away, he woke up to review all he was doing. At that moment and time, he reviewed all he has done. The difference between him and his colleagues was, he didn’t have a plan and just did as pleased him. Even with the plans that he had memorized in his head, he never could keep track of it and never cared to review the level of success he had attained. In that moment, he implemented the Plan, Do, Study, and Act, simply put PDSA for him to follow everyday. At every midday, he reviews how far he has come and does the same at the end of each day. Before sleeping, he plans for the following day and has what he wasn’t able to achieve the previous day the first on his list.

After sometime, he became very rich, rich in keeping time and keeping up to the task he sets for himself for he was poor in keeping and planning time and now he is expertly rich.

My name is Kotey and usually many of us may find ourselves in such scenario. Some people have difficulty in letting their finance sustained them till the end of the month because they do not even keep a budget for a day  let alone the year. It’s important to be disciplined in all aspects of life and grow with the best ability.

Good day.


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