Chronicles of The Old Ghana Empire (Verse 2)


The year is BC762.

And so it came to pass, that two decades after Emperor Jay A. Quphour yielded power to Ata Meals, Ata Meals passed on to the land of the silent fathers to join the ancestry of his lineage. He ruled for two decades instead of the usual four as allocated to every royal by the supreme powers that be. As a result of his demise, another Jon took his stud, but he was Jon D. Hamaha. He was the fourth Jon of the fourth dynasty to ascend the throne for all his predecessors had that as part of their name. He was from Ehndeesi.

And so it was said, that during the first reign of Jon the fourth, Jon begot Jeeda, Jeeda begot Sada, and Sada begot fowls which were skilled in kunfu more than the kunfu panda of ancient China, that they could beat up their masters without mercy and flee from captivity to the neighboring state of Brukina which was a rising kingdom in its own right. They fled through the stunted trees planted in the desert in the harmattan meant for afforestation as free ‘people.’ The subjects described it as a gargantuan ‘wayomilisation.’ Only the gods know what they meant by that.

Sooner than later, it was time to reconsider a suitable candidate for the position he occupied and he declared his intention in that regard. In the mean time, Aya Rigah, son of Ogundele, who was blessed by the gods with the skill of delivering hard-earned jokes that could crack the ribs of even a crocodile under water, started to eye the throne. He was popularly known as Ayarikoff due to his unintentional yet deliberate interruptions with coughs emanating from his chest which wasn’t inflicted on him by Amadioha. His talent usually mesmerized both the royals and the subjects of the throne and was widely known for it.  Jon D. Hamaha assembled all the subjects to address them on state-of-the-empire address. So he started, “There has been unprecedented and mind-boggling transformation under my reign-” Aya Rigah spontaneously interrupted with what seemed to symptoms of tuberculosis “kpɔhon kpɔhon…woboa…kpɔhon…..eeermm sorry, excuse me. It was an Ayarikoff.”

Even the Oracle was heard saying “ajee, yawa pae.”

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey

Good morning.



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