The Nut and the Rock

rocktre.jpgA folklore about a rock and a nut.

Once upon a time. Time, time. There was a nut. The nut roamed and combed the entire forest looking for a place stay and have shelter but he wasn’t given any. It had been propagated by the wind from its parent plant and now was homeless. The pawpaw tree said “No, I can’t harbor you under my fragile roots and stem, moreover, my leaves are not broad enough to shelter you from the sun and protect you from the rain”. The mango tree said “I’m sorry but if I harbor you, my offspring won’t have anywhere to stay.” This went on and on and on till it came close to the rock and proclaimed “oh mighty rock, thou art great! Grant thy feeble creature a little shade from thee. You are mightier than the soil and by thee I will lie till eternity. Thy compassion I pray.” The appellations and accolades entered the rocks head and the plea of the nut entered his heart that it allowed the nut room under its shade. After some time, the winds blew and the rains came down, knocking the nut an inch deeper each time it rained. Soon, half of its length was in the ground and started to develop roots. The roots cracked open the rock into many smaller sizes. The nut grew into a huge tree that covered the rock and its trunk pushed the rock out-of-place. Then the rock realized and said “I admitted a humble nut into my abode, and today it is mightier than I am and has broken me into unreliable pieces.” The nut paid no attention to the plea from the rock, but kept growing higher towards the sky and deeper with its roots as it kept breaking through the rock.

Sometimes we must be careful as to whom we allow access to our aura i.e. fold, for the things that can hurt us the most are the things closest to our hearts.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.


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