The Axe and the Tree

axe.jpgThe Turks of old are known for the proverb “When the trees saw the handle of the axe, they said ‘behold, he is one of us’.”

Once upon a time in the age of trees, when trees lived, for living things they were, there was an axe. The trees lived in the peace of unity, covering the earth from the heat of the sun as they grew bigger, thicker, and mightier. They ruled the earth and birds saw it as their heaven for it was a haven unto them. Chimpanzees, monkeys, and baboons hopped, skipped and jumped from tree to tree, procreating and teasing hunters who came not for their sake for they were their closest cousin according to Darwinians.  One time, when night become twilight, a handle appeared underneath their darkness which formed because of their shade. Imagine a shade in darkness, it is total blackness of darkness. But the mightiest tree upon opening its eyes, saw the wood that barely reflected light and said “calm my people, it is only one of us going for a walk.” But the growing seedling which seemed to be the fingerlings among the sharks, raised the concern of the unusualness of this ‘tree’ but he was shoved to be quiet. A moment later, a swing swung through the air and shouts of screams echoed into the endless black darkness and more light hit the earth when the sun rose.

Apparently, many a person have fallen victim of this scenario and have become living testimonies. It stems out of the fact that many will like to live by perceptions than with reality. It is critical to have adequate analysis of the happenings in one’s life and not live by assumptions so as to survive in this world where predators exist.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning


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