careful.jpgOnce a woman saw a man painted with tattoo and with earrings piercing every available space on his ears and nose. The woman nearly vomited at the sight of this young man because she found it very nauseating. She tried her best to keep her distance even though this young man was calling out for help as he lay at her door suffering from stomach ache. She closed her door and watched him from behind her curtains. It was a passerby who came and gave this gentleman water, and took him into their house. About a month later, the woman needed to get surgery to take out a brain tumour from his six-year-old daughter, something that doctors wondered how possible it was for her to have such a thing at this early age. At the moment only one doctor was recommended that could do this for her child. She managed to book an appointment and when she opened the door she saw this man again and they both froze looking into each other’s eyes with utmost surprise for they both recognised each other. At  that awkward moment, the doctor got up and pointed to the seat and said “you are welcome, please have a seat and tell me how I may be able to help you.” In the end as you can possibly guess by now, all went well and daughter was saved.

My name is Kotey and it is very important not to judge people by the circumstances they find themselves in, you don’t know their story until they tell you. A Chinese proverb says that “never judge a man till you have travelled a mile in his shoes.”

Good morning


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