Chronicles of the Old Ghana Empire (Verse 1)


The year is BC740.

The sun was up heating the dust in the air into temperatures far above boiling point. Yet he rode on camelback, flanked by his fellow relatives and shielded from the sun with a canopy, for it was their symbol. His name was Ata Meals from the royal house of Ehndeesi. He was being coached by General Moskwido, son of Obatala, the great palm wine tapper from the Boron Afoha province. General Moskwido was feared for his craft of being sharp-witted and his presence could literally send the elephants running as if they had seen a tsetse fly ready to infect them with sleeping sickness. But should you see him, you would wonder why the wind couldn’t carry him into space but still had mercy. He was that small. Ata Meals, a warrior nearing his retiring age, was going to battle Affuko Addo, son of the emperor who occupied the throne, Emperor Jay A. Quphour, on who had the right to succeed him. Affuko Addo hailed from Ernpeepi, the other royal house with many scholars who had read the scrolls of the empire and the unknown world. The battle day was set on the 7th full moon of the 12th month as determined by the seers of the land who could read the stars. The Kingmaker, Qojo Aphari Jan, was to officiate the fight of their millennium. The first round ended with sweats on their foreheads as none could hit the other but then during the break Ata Meals had guidance from General Mosqwido who seem to have more tricks up his sleeve. Immediately the second round began, Ata Meals gave Affuko Addo a hard knock who had a blackout and after recovering ran to his dad and said, “Daa Ata Meals aga me.” The knockout was hailed by Ehndeesi who carried Ata Meals shoulder-high as he displayed dancing skills similar to the current azonto of Nkrumah’s Ghana.

Then from nowhere Akua Kondor, daughter of OnlyGod KnowsWho, came to the centre of the battle field laughing “kwaakwaakwaa” and shouted “My daughter’s mother just gave birth to twins and they eat pineapple hence I’m also a royal.” Even the Oracle was shocked by this unfunny joke as it was heard saying “nonfa paa nie…tweaaa.”


To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey

Good morning



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