Letting Go

letgo.jpgOnce upon a time, in the age where clouds ruled the earth and determined how much light should shine and how much rain should hit the earth, there was a black cloud. The black cloud had absorbed much of the water vapor from the earth as a result of the sun’s brightness. Now, the earth thirsted for rain but the black cloud had purposed in its heart not to let a single drop fall on earth. It laughed and mocked the earth as it became dry and clay soils cracked open like egg shells. The sun still kept scorching because that is how it was created to be, to simply shine but to be controlled by the cloud. Days became months and months, years. At about nearing the second decade, the black cloud’s pride was now having a tow on it. It had become so heavy with stored rain that it came so low to the ground. So low that gravity made it touch the highest mountain. Then lightning struck and the wind blew and the thought occurred to him that “once I flew so high, why must I keep holding this rain that keeps drawing me closer to the ground below? I am not a tree to be growing on earth, neither a stone to be falling to the ground. I am a cloud and the sky is where I belong.” The black cloud rained rain that the earth has never imagined and it became so light that it went above all other clouds as the earth restored itself and the black cloud gained its lost glory, having a sense of peace and freedom.

My name is Kotey and sometimes we have to let GO to GROW for the things that keep holding us back are perhaps the things we keep holding onto from within.

Good morning.


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