consis.jpgThis thing is very difficult to attain but not impossible. The problem usually is not with starting but with being consistent with the things we do. Take for example the many people who want to lose weight. It starts with the earnest desire of wanting to go for a run and visit the gym and then all of a sudden you realize that charle, I am getting tired oo. The next option will be okay lemme try being on a diet then after a week of constant self-conscious infliction of not even smelling kelewele, you pass by that bus stop and then you hear the vendor shout “bayirɛ ne hot, tsofi ne yɛ hot.” Then you are like oh charle abi I have tried, for one week I haven’t even tasted domedo abi once is not bad? Before you realize you have started ordering cheese cake, chocolate cake, fruit cake, banana cake and even plantain…sorry for the last one. But then consistency is a big deal for many people. It arises mainly because of lack of self-discipline and not planning for events in the day. You end up doing all of you haven’t planned to do. In effect you do everything for others but yourself. It wouldn’t take overnight for you to become consistent. It takes practice and when you fail, try again but with a differrent approach, better than the previous.

My name is Kotey and I trust we can all get that consistency we want by applying self-discipline and being planners of our lives not forgetting to let God be at  the centre of it.

Good morning.


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