Always Add Technology

tech.pngThe world is growing faster than anyone can imagine or have imagined before. 76years ago the first computer was invented and the rate at which progress have been attained in the computer world has been astronomical. The future has it that, robots would soon be operating on humans with far better precision. We are moving into the age of the internet of things where everything must link to some form of device or modern technology. The point I’m drawing is, if today you are planning or building something, say a business, and you can’t in any way attach it to a current technology or a future technology then know that your organization is already dead even before it starts. Do not think so out of context when I talk about technology. It could be as simple as a text message, an app, a website, or as complex as a new technology yet to be invented by you. The world is changing faster than it rotates and those who get hold of the wheels will be those to turn it around. The onus, therefore, therefore lies on you to make very good research work into the field you are entering and see which technology is needed.

My name is Kotey and I know the future of every technology cannot surpass the ability given to man by God. Possible is possible and God is the creator of creativity. Yes you can.

Good day.


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