ex.pngYou don’t always need to learn from experience, neither must you necessarily learn by going through something you can avoid. I don’t really agree with the saying “experience is the best teacher.” I would rather prefer “learning from experience is the best lesson.” Life has been lived by many people for us to continue making the mistakes people have already committed that they have documented. It is therefore important that we must carry out enough research on the things we do by researching on what others have done. For example, data have seemed to be consistent with happenings on earth with almost little or no variation. It is imperative that we examine our lives each day, by taking cue from people who have already led similar lives. But then a problem lies in the fact that some of us do not even know ourselves, let alone the life we are living in order to find out about the similar lives like ours. Until we try to learn from those who have already taken the lead in life, we will continue to commit certain mistakes. We must also be humble in learning from people. Every person growing up needs  someone to mentor him/her in the respective field he/she wants to be in. In the past, you needed to have grey colour in your hair in order to be deemed as wise or good at what you do. This was mainly so because of exposure, and you can only be exposed enough to many and different situations depending on how long you lived. Today, technology and the internet have made things much easier in order for us to be exposed to many different circumstances no matter where we are. We must take advantage of it.

My name is Kotey and learning from experience, not necessarily ours, is the best lesson we could ever have for a life of repetitive mistakes is a like a movie with one scene and the same act.

Good morning.


Chronicles of the Old Ghana Empire (Verse 4)


The year is BC816.

And so it happened, that after a mafia tactic by Sharlot ‘the Sheeba’ Ohsei which aimed at eliminating some legitimate throne contenders, the wise gods at the divine temple reinstated them to be in contention. But the real deal, obviously, was between Jon D. Hamaha of the House of Ehndeesi and Affuko Addo of Ernpeepi. Now, Jon the fourth canvassed for support more than any sitting emperor the empire had ever had. Images of him were well carved by the artists and artisans into wood and stone at various junctions. Even before the town criers of every subkingdom gave announcement from their sub chiefs, his name was mentioned. They always ended with the catch phrase “J. Erm…toaso.” But Affuko Addo believed the battle is the Lord’s so he roamed the entire land begging and pleading with the already browbeaten yet exploited subjects of the land. So the day came and people travelled from far and near to witness this historic moment in Mansa Musa’s Old Ghana Empire at the public square – the battle between Jon the fourth and Affuko Addo.

At that moment, Shatta the Walley, whose creativity for creating songs cannot even be contested by the now Celendione, composed a tune concerning Hamaha’s paper which spread like a virus for Jon the fourth made it a morning hymn at all of his assembly. For your information, it wasn’t a missing page from the sacred Green Book that kept records of supposedly completed works of his to convince the subjects of things the eyes can see. “So why print them in the first place? “an old lady quizzed. But in that moment and being led by the spirit, Sar Kodie lifted a jama song known as ‘preferences’ or in other words ‘choices’ as most people followed tune with ‘yep’ and ‘nope.’

A few minutes later the place became dead silent for the time was up for another battle between the two main royal houses. You could see the air literally move in and out of their wide nostrils like steam from a cooking pot. Should you listen carefully, you would hear their heart beating like the drums in a Chinese war film. All was ready and tension was brewing everywhere. Sharlot ‘the Sheeba’ Ohsei was about whistling for the start of the battle and in the midst of the silence and sweating foreheads, the Oracle prophesied, in the softest of tone “Change…is Coming.”

The End.

A Verse by Kotey.

Good day.

In the End

wo.pngMan ends life at where he begins it. Nature gives us enough evidence for us to appreciate how things will end when we begin but more often than not, we hardly look, and should we even look, we hardly see, and should we even see, we do not perceive how things will turn out to be. A, perhaps, classic example will be the similarity between the womb and the grave. The former being that from which man entered the world, and the latter being that which man is laid to rest when he exits the world. The obvious similarity between these two are that both are enclosed spaces hidden from the sight of man. The womb is carried by a woman who nourishes the foetus till it comes out as a baby. How the womb is cared for directly affects and determines the health of the baby that is to come out. After the baby is fully grown and time expires for it return to dust, for from dust it came, there is also another preparation done to the dead body before being put into the soil. I guess by now we see that both the journey from the womb to the grave need preparation as a preceding element. In effect, your preparation leads you to where you came from.

It is very important that in our journey on this earth, man must know that we can only get what we have been working towards for man reaps what he sows. You only end up where you begin, but then your preparation determines whether it will better off or worse. Never underestimate where you came from, for we all go back there, if not the same place then better depending on how we live our lives.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.



As of the time of writing this piece, it is thirteen days to the elections, yes 13 days! And as I write, the democracy we practice has not provided us with the opportunity of having a presidential debate among the presidential candidates. In effect, there has been no intellectual argument on the policies to be provided we the people, among those seeking to be both Commander-in-Chief and the first gentleman. They have also not been able to provide a clear path on the what, the why, the when, and most importantly, the how of which their heaven-on-earth policies would be carried out and its consequences or otherwise on the Ghanaian and his economy through an intellectual deliberation.

In the meantime, the Presidential candidate of the NDC, H.E John Dramani Mahama and the Vice Presidential candidate of the NPP Dr. Bawumia, are in the Upper East Region playing tribal politics just to win the affection of Northners in this year’s election. It is very sad and sorrowful, that a nation which is unique because of the many tribes in it, will have a faction of it fuelled with a peculiar perception against another group by those who want to lead them just because they want their soiled thumbs on printed sheets of paper that come at cost. Sadly, this is happening on a continent where there is enough history of tribal war from which these gentlemen can learn. And they expect the taxpayer’s money to be used in funding political parties during elections. How sorrowful!

This happened notwithstanding the three clashes that has occurred in two weeks among their party supporters in the name of going on keep fit. One would expect these two gentlemen to put the nation first and pull not the tramp card of tribal politics. We must carry our politics and democracy to another phase of intellectual discussion and of issues where mental reasoning is provoked whiles having respect for people’s opinion.

These constant happenings which are seemingly becoming consistent must be of concern to the police and other security forces in the country. Taking cue from Libya and Egypt, the security forces must be aware that such sporadic occurrence can lead to mass instability and apathy towards the need to respect people’s affiliation and views.

Many say Ghana is peaceful country. I concur, but that is what must worry us the most. War only erupts from peace and the cost of war is more expensive than any effort that is needed in keeping peace. It is therefore imperative, that people in leadership devoid the use of any derogatory statement that will lead this nation into chaos. The police must also crack the whip on anyone that is found culprit of anything that will destabilise the peace in this nation no matter who.

It took the word ‘cockroach’ to begin a tribal war in Rwanda; it took a group of people to start protest against Gadhafi in Libya which later led to clashes; Charles Taylor took advantage of tribal sentiments in Liberia to build a rebel group; but notwithstanding these things, it takes law and order to keep peace in heaven.

We are own brother’s keeper, and together we can make Ghana great again, devoid of tribal politics, devoid of vulgar words if we consciously work towards it, giving respect to people’s opinion. But then our leaders must lead the way.

My name is Kotey.

Good morning.

Woman of Courage

esi.jpgYes, her name is Esenam Nyador from Ghana. She drives a taxi for a living and mind you she does it well. Even her ride is well-kept and nice. She is not a school dropout neither is she looking for some quick way to earn money. She is a social work graduate and taking a master’s degree with a research thesis on “Occupational Gender Segregation, The Case of Female Professional Drivers in Accra.” As a result of her engagement in this male-dominant business, she has developed a plan with a vision of creating female taxi service. She does admit that sometimes people get shocked when they stop the taxi and realize the person has in her words “boobs and earrings.” But this doesn’t stop her. She does it to the best of her ability.

My name is Kotey and we must all encourage the need for gender equality in every way possible that benefits society. More importantly to the ladies as well, gender equality will be for you to prove your worth and work hard in this world where results are very important to every organization and nation.

Good day.

Credit: BBC Africa

Behind the Grey Glass

Cornelia1 20161121_102402.jpg
Photo Credit: Cornelia

She was a hardworking young lady, raised from the suburbs of the busiest town in their country. Each morning she notices a very young girl who wakes up from the tent that had been set up right outside the fine building. She helps her mother to cook as early as 4am and at 5:30am takes her bath and goes round the town to sell to make ends meet. She returns at 6:30am, changes to her school uniform and puts on her bag to school. Her mom then adds the finishing touches to it and prays with her before she leaves. She continually watched this occurrence from a distance but never got close. One day when she was a hair’s breadth away from this child’s mother, the mother said to child “We may not be better off today like those in the law firm with the grey glass, but tomorrow that law firm could be yours if you learn from the hardship of today and let it inspire you than retire you. For life has its challenges and this is one of them.” The young lady saw the tears from the child’s mother’s eyes and was touched by the words,  and left with greater inner conviction to achieve than she has ever had. Today, she stands behind the grey glass to look outside where her mom spoke to her as she heads the law firm as one of the greatest lawyers to have ever lived.

My name is Kotey and there is no greater motivation than an inner conviction to do what one decides to achieve. You are your best motivation.

Good morning.

Chronicles of the Old Ghana Empire (Verse 3)


The year is BC800.

And so it happened, that after a dispute erupted between Jon D. Hamaha of Ehndeesi and Affuko Addo of Ernpeepi on who had the right to be emperor because someone had urinated on the pink bed sheets, the case was settled by the seven wise gods who had beards and wore wigs at the divine temple. After three full moons of argument from the holy scriptures, Jon the fourth found favor in the sight of the gods and Affuko Addo recoiled into his shell, only to prepare for the next battle after a second straight defeat. In the mean time, Qojo Aphari Jan, the kingmaker, had to abdicate his role to another soul to do his duties for his time was up. After a while of scouting the entire land, the beauty queen who seemed to be a daughter of a goddess was appointed to handle this sensitive position. Her name was Sharlot ‘the Sheeba’ Ohsei. Her face alone resembled the Queen of Sheeba and it could subdue any daring man. If you like you could research on Paa Qwasi Indoom from the House of Pri Papa Preko for short PPP, who was disqualified even before  the list of qualified royals came out. Elɛf small like he go cry. But the ways of the gods are not the ways of man and he bounced back into the competition as the ‘Indoominator’.

As the race began to heat up, Jon the Fourth tried to impress the citizenry by building and doing things. His latest was that which was similar to the Hanging Gardens of Babylon crisscrossing the capital like an interchange. It had a fountain by the side which at night became lit with devices similar to hurricane lamps without kerosene although majority of his subjects were being plagued by doomsor – a rare condition which arises from lack of adequate access to light. On the day of commissioning, many faithful and loyal people came to witness. But the best view was had by those who decided to climb the nim trees for a bird’s-eye view.

Even the Oracle, whose abode was the sky above, twisted and turned its lips in strange ways and said “Edey beee…..kɛkɛ”

To be continued…

A Verse by Kotey.

Good day.