Be Informed

beinf.pngThe richest family alive is the Rothschild family. They are the only trillionaires existing in this world. The exact magnitude of their family wealth cannot be classified in totality as some of them are not entirely known to the world. It is estimated around $500 trillion.They  carefully guard their ‘acquisition’ and maintain relevant information within their family only. There are many conspiracy theories surrounding how this family got rich, sorry wealthy, and still gets wealthier but as I said ‘conspiracy theories.’ I’m not bringing up a whole new one but to point out how they manage to use information to setup the world’s most successful ‘financial house.’ Having had information on who won the Battle of Waterloo 24hours before all of Britain, they managed to predict how the stocks will go by ingeniously peddling in sale technics. They were also able to invest with people like Rockefeller and Vanderbilt to expand their business empires.

Information is only relevant when you get to know its use and actually use it. Nokia lost out on a very promising market and has been bought out because they failed to live up with the times to adjust to the current demands of innovation. In effect, they did nothing wrong but still did what they were doing without adjusting to the new demands of their clients.

My name is Kotey and knowing information and using it are two different things. Just as the knowledge of medicine that cures a particular of yours differs from you taking that drug to cure your ailment. Information is key but only when it is used.

Good day.


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