The Tea Bag

tea.pngSo according to research, tea is the most consumed drink after water. Yep. It is the most popular manufactured drink consumed in the world as it equals that of cocoa, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol combined. It’s records dates back to 2737BC in China where it is believed to have been first used. Yeah, so its been known to man for a while. Lets skip the history class and move on to the subject matter. The importance of tea cannot be downplayed. The herb has been in demand from time to time to those who know its worth. But it makes interesting noting that the herb will virtually be useless and not be as widely used if it’s not put into hot water to generate the needed color and composition. It has also been proven that the quality of the taste of tea can be improved depending on the height at which it is poured. Yes, the height that you will pour your tea can alter the flavor as there will be varied degrees of aeration. Please it doesn’t mean you should climb your roof just to pour a cup of tea, aba! How tea is also served is very important. The quality of the clay used in making the pot and the cups in which they are served is of grave importance to experienced tea drinkers. Aligning this to us humans, tough conditions brings out our best; the heights to which we desire to go and actually climb is what gives us social esteem; but in all,without good presentation of ourselves to be properly delivered to others to appreciate, then our relevance will not be experienced. Remember, branding is important.

My name is Kotey and sometimes we being in hardest times and hot waters is what may actually bring out our very best for the metal which withstands heat is that which is used in building a ‘wall’ for the furnace.

Good morning.


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